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LGBTQ Florida Teacher Says “Dont Say Gay Bill” Will Prevent Him From Discussing Personal Life

An LGBTQ teacher in Florida complained on MSNBC about the “Don’t Say Gay Bill” (Florida HB 1577). The bill, also known as the Parental Rights In Education Bill, has now become law as signed off by Ron DeSantis. The teacher said that he would now be prevented from telling his Kindergarten students about his personal life. Pictures of himself and his partner are plastered throughout the classroom and on the door and the kids have questions. The teacher wants to explain, perhaps in detail, the person’s identity. Surely, the teacher could find an age-appropriate way to talk about his partner but that doesn’t seem to check the “feel-good” boxes in his mind.


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Daniel Putnam: Florida HB 1557, the anti-gay Parental Rights in Education, violates free speech

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