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Hunter Biden Crashes House Committee Hearing To Hold Him In Contempt Over Defying Subpoena

Hunter Biden crashed a House Committee hearing on Wednesday morning about holding him in contempt. President Joe Biden’s son defied a subpoena last month to appear before a closed-door deposition about the impeachment inquiry against his father. This deposition would have most likely tackled the issue of Hunter’s infamous laptop. Emails on the laptop suggest Hunter gave kickbacks to his father after he secured business deals abroad. Both Hunter and Joe have repeatedly publicly stated that Joe had no involvement with Hunter’s overseas business dealings.

Hunter Biden refused to appear at the closed-door depositions but counter-offered his public testimony, to which Republicans have refused. Hunter’s legal team says they would instead testify publicly because they don’t want testimony leaked selectively to damage him or his father. Since Hunter refused to appear at the request of a subpoena, he may be held in contempt of court, and a possible criminal penalty is attached.

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The hearing that Hunter crashed was being held to see if he would be punished. Many of these “hearings” and “meetings” happen all over Capitol Hill and often produce nothing. Hunter’s appearance at this hearing was not expected. He may have shown up, flanked by two lawyers, as a show of force and continued defiance of the useless hearing process.


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