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Hunter Biden Pleads Guilty To Three Felony Charges

President Joe Biden’s 53-year-old son, Hunter, will plead guilty to three felony charges. The nature of the deal Hunter has reached with his father’s Department of Justice will preclude him from serving any time in prison. He will just have two years of probation. And that’s only if Joe does not pardon him. Hunter has been accused of quite a few things, but there are only three things that he will be held criminally liable for… at least for now.

The first two charges involve his failure to file timely tax returns in 2017 and 2018. The combined tax liability for these two years is $1.2 million. He has since paid off this tax debt, but that does not preclude people from going to prison under those same circumstances. Rapper Fat Joe found himself in this exact same scenario a few years back and still wound up doing four months in prison.

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The last charge Hunter Biden faces involves a firearm. He purchased this weapon under false pretenses and also brandished it in an illegal circumstance. News media reports that Hunter is facing charges due to possessing the gun while addicted to a controlled substance. This obfuscates the fact that he must have lied on his background check to obtain the gun, to begin with.

Hunter was discharged from the military due to his crack cocaine addiction. Later, he purchased the weapon. He would have had to disclose his prior and/or current (at the time) drug addiction, and this would have made him fail the background check. Hunter also tossed the weapon in a dumpster behind a school. There are quite a few things Hunter did with the gun that is illegal that show up nowhere in the three charges he is facing.

The issue of Hunter’s laptop must be mentioned here. For what seems like years, the intelligence “community”, news media, and high-ranking political officials attempted to deny the contents of said laptop. Over 50 intelligence experts labeled the laptop as Russian disinformation. Now, the general public knows that the laptop is real and that it belongs to Hunter Biden. There is a treasure trove of damning information found on the hard drive of that machine. From pictures of Hunter smoking crack to being inappropriate with what could be underaged girls, and, of course, the emails about overseas business dealings. None of the laptop stuff is really mentioned here. He is facing a slap on the wrist, at best.

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