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Ilhan Omar Criticizes Christians Singing On An Airplane

Minneapolis, Minnesota House Rep Ilhan Omar criticized Christians singing on an airplane by way of personal comparison. The singing group featured a man with a guitar leading a group of others who were all standing up while the plane was 30,000 feet in the air. The song was cheerful as something someone would hear from a group like Hillsong or a non-denominational modern Church. Ilhan Omar is obviously Muslim so she decided to weigh in on the situation by comparing the singing Christians to her Muslim family.

In a tweet, Omar asked what would happen if her family led a prayer session next time. This was clearly meant to suggest that Muslims would not be welcomed to openly worship on a plane. Some Twitter users chimed in, echoing her point. The general sentiment was that if a Muslim person, or group of Muslims, decided to openly worship their God on an airplane, it would be seen as threatening. This could be true but that is only because some Islamic music is threatening. “ISIS” songs come to mind. This is simply not the case when it comes to Christian music.

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  1. WE didn’t get to go to church on Easter of the year of this video, WE got to stay at home and listen to it on the radio. YOU got prayers over loud speaker via tax money, WE got cited with fines for gathering in a parking lot and sitting in the bed of our pickup trucks in the church parking lot. THIS IS NOT RIGHT POEPLE.

  2. Oh please. As if Muslims don’t get freedom to pray whenever and wherever they want to pray in this country. Omar is an idiot.

    That said, I’m equally disgusted by all the Christians citing its their “freedom” to pray out loud on a plane as if there is no one else around. You’re “free” to pray yes – but unless you’re in your own company you can’t just make noise for others. And you still need to be considerate of all the of people around you, MANY do NOT share your views or care to have to be subjected to it. For me being subjected to songs about Jesus would be akin to irritating garbage, sorry. Most of these Chrisitians would have a very different opinion on “freedom to do what they want out loud” if say, a bunch of their fellow passengers wanted to belt out Lady Gaga songs around them instead.

  3. Awe how cute.. the poor little environmentally conditioned for-profit propagator of anti-white-straight-christian-males hate victim card holding buffalo soldier hypocrite had a tantrum. And this is exactly why America is doomed and on the fast track to full on implosion now, all of these delusional racist blacks in office. Get a clue.


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