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Transgender Inmate Impregnates Two Women Inside New Jersey Prison

A transgender inmate by the name of Demi Minor impregnated two separate women inside of the only women’s prison in New Jersey. According to, these relationships were “consensual”. No evidence of force has been presented. A 2021 ruling stemming from a lawsuit allows biological men like “Demi” to be housed with biological women in prison due to identifying as transgender women. At least 27 of the 800 women at the Edna Mahan Correctional Facility are transgender. The transition phase of each inmate is not really known. However, Demi was formerly known as Demetrius and “Demi” still has male genitalia. The outcome of women becoming impregnated in prison by a biological male fellow inmate is too obvious and predictable to even garner a response of surprise.


Two female prisoners fall pregnant after having sex with transgender inmate – Mirror Online

Edna Mahan women’s prisoners pregnant after sex with transgender inmate

DOC: 2 women at N.J. prison pregnant after consensual sex between inmates

NJ inmates at women’s only prison pregnant after sex with ‘another incarcerated person’ | Fox News

Two women at all-female New Jersey prison are PREGNANT by trans inmates | Daily Mail Online

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