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Illinois Woman Laughs And Sings After Killing Two People In DUI Crash

A 24-year-old woman named Stephanie Melgoza drove drunk and caused an accident that claimed the lives of two people. Before being charged with DUI, police on the scene gave her a field sobriety test. Body camera footage shows Melgoza laughing and playing around during the testing. She was even playful after being told that she was responsible for the death of two people while in the police car.

More body camera footage shows Melgoza speaking to an officer in a hospital room. She asked the officer if it would be possible to get her vehicle back because she has school the next day. The officer said that the car was totaled. She looked confused, so he further explained that the vehicle was wrecked and that she would be going to jail for causing the death of two people. Melgoza still couldn’t really put two and two together to get four. She was adamant about trying to return to her East Peoria, Illinois college.

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Stephanie Melgoza wound up being sentenced to 14 years in prison for the DUI and for killing the two pedestrians.


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