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Michael Jackson Impersonator Dies On NYC Subway After Chokehold During Mental Health Break

A 30-year-old black male named Jordan Neely died on the New York City subway system after being put in a chokehold by a 24-year-old white male Marine veteran. Neely was well-known as a Michael Jackson impersonator and performer on the subway. However, he had not done that particular act in a while. Police arrested Neely 44 times for various offenses, mostly centering around harassment and assault. Neely was apparently engaging in violent behavior, similar to what he had previously been arrested for. The Marine vet was just one of several passengers who restrained him so he would not hurt anyone.

Neely was placed in a chokehold by the Marine vet and, at the same time, his arms were restrained by another man. Subway passengers did not attempt to break up the restraint. Witnesses later said that Neely did not appear to be in serious distress while in the chokehold.

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Several elected officials, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) took to the internet and called Neely’s death a “murder.” Other people stated that a man simply having a mental breakdown should not result in his death. NYC Mayor Eric Adams said that it is irresponsible to label an ongoing investigation as complete by assigning guilt or innocence. Protests against the death of Neely have already taken place on an NYC subway platform.


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