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Iron Worker Falls 150 Feet Off Detroit Bridge And Survives

An ironworker fell 150 feet off the side of the Ambassador Bridge that connects Detroit to Windsor, Canada, and survived. Surveillance footage captured the moment Spencer Baker took the tremendous plunge into the Detroit River. Baker says he was in the middle of a routine task when a mishap took place that pushed him over the side of the guard rail and into the water.

A family was gathering nearby and witnessed the entire chain of events unfold. They immediately sought to find Baker help by knocking on the door of an establishment close to the water. The family was fortunate enough to contact mail carriers who ferry parcels on a speedboat of sorts. The crew assembled on the boat and immediately went out to where the family said they saw the man plunge. He was brought onto the boat and given a blanket. Once on the boat, Baker repeatedly asked why was he wet and why was he on the boat. He had to be informed of his fall from the bridge.

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Spencer Baker did suffer a few bones and gnarly bruising on one side of his body, especially his arm. Aside from minor injuries, Baker is just fine. He extended his gratitude to the family who saw him and went to get help and also to the crew members of the boat who ultimately rescued him from the water.


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