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Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Falls Apart After Simple Inquiry From The Judge

Hunter Biden’s sweetheart plea deal that he was all set to sign at a Federal courthouse in Wilmington, Delaware has fallen apart. President Joe Biden’s son faced up to six felonies related to tax evasion charges from 2017 and 2018 as well as a federal gun charge. The Department of Justice set up the plea deal in a way that would have Hunter avoid any and all prison time. The problem is that they apparently did not actually run it by the court before Hunter showed up to plead guilty.

The Trump-appointed judge in the case, Maryellen Noreika, had a simple inquiry before signing off on the deal. She asked if Hunter was currently under investigation. His team responded with the obvious “yes.” This response was problematic because the plea deal included immunity from future charges.

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There are plenty of other things that Hunter could be charged with, including a FARA violation. The judge refused that provision of the plea deal, therefore the entire deal fell apart. Instead of Hunter Biden pleading guilty and facing no prison or jail time, he pleaded not guilty and will go to court.

Lying on a background check to obtain a weapon is a felony that carries up to ten years in prison. This law is part of the Brady Act which none other than then-Senator Joe Biden was the spearhead behind in 1993.


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