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Jamie Foxx Brings Woke California Friends To Party With Trump Supporters In Florida

Oscar-Award-winning actor and comedian Jamie Foxx took a few of his friends from California to Florida to party with Trump supporters. Foxx made the revelation on the “Wires Only” cryptocurrency podcast back in February of this year. All of his friends who made the trip were black and the majority of the people Foxx met down in Florida were not black. Race shouldn’t really matter, however, the racial component is somewhat important to the story.

Jamie took his group of friends to Destin, Florida… also known as the “redneck riviera”. It is a beach area similar to Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach. Beautiful water, sand, just an overall great tourist location. Foxx says this particular area is located in the gulf side of the state close to Alabama and it is known to be a haven for Republicans. One of the podcast hosts chimed in and made the suggestion to refer to them as “rednecks” and Foxx said no… just Republican. Some would hear the description of Destin and think that it would not be friendly to “minorities” but the reality of the situation is quite the opposite.

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The California friends Jamie Foxx brought along to Destin were nervous about all the white Republican Trump supporters they feared they would run into. Jamie calmed all of their nerves and said that he understands the south since he is from Texas. Once Jamie got into the mix and met up with a few people, he was immediately recognized and embraced. One man changed the music from Lee Greenwood’s “Proud To Be An American” to “Gold Digger” which is a Kanye West song famously featuring Jamie Foxx imitating Ray Charles. They had an amazing time with everyone in Destin. Black or white, southern or “Californian”, it didn’t matter. And the moral of the story is that more Americans should embrace different people and focus on what they have in common rather than what are often small issues that tear them apart.


Jamie Foxx Crashes the Podcast at the Wires Only HQ! | FULL SEND PODCAST – YouTube

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