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Fox Host Kennedy Calls For Public K-12 Education To Be Abolished

Fox News host Kennedy suggested that the Federal Government of the United States should completely remove itself from the field of education. In other words, Kennedy said that public K-12 schools should be completely abolished. The reason why she said this is because of all the nonsense currently surrounding the public school system in America. Critical Race Theory, LGBTQ+ education, the lack of literacy even with high-grade level students, and more. Kennedy’s suggestion may sound good to some people who are looking for a quick, cut-and-dry solution but once this idea is seriously considered, obvious problems reveal themselves.

When asked by fellow Fox host Harris Faulkner about the replacement for a system that currently educates over 50 million people, Kennedy came up short on responses. Nevertheless, the conversation surrounding the problems with public K-12 education in America is necessary to have. It is ridiculous to think that 50 million kids could automatically just move over to the superior private and home school models.

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Public school is free, outside of what everyone pays in taxes if they pay taxes. Private school is expensive and it is another cost on top of taxes that must be paid anyway. Home school requires somewhat competent parents, a decent infrastructure of other parents, and the ability of at least one parent to stay home and conduct home school. Seventy-five percent of mothers in America work. Most households feature two working adults. Less than 30% of children in the United States live in a household with both of their biological parents.

Kennedy’s suggestion is nearly the equivalent of using a blowtorch to rid a barn of a wasp’s nest and burning down the entire barn in the process. It is overkill. The problem may not be as serious or widespread as the implemented solution would suggest. Serious reforms are necessary for the public K-12 system. Everyone would agree on that particular point, including Kennedy. The million-dollar question at this point is simply… how is the problem fixed? That answer to that question may be debated for years to come.


Fox News host suggests U.S. “should not have the government involved in education at all” |

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