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Jeffrey Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell ARRESTED By FBI!

Jeffrey Epstein associate and British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell has finally been arrested. The FBI closed in on her at the “secret” New Hampshire estate she secured through an anonymous LLC. She retreated to a bedroom in an attempt to resist arrest, but finally came out and immediately asked for a lawyer. Maxwell may serve pre-trial custody at MCC, the same Federal Detention Center that held Epstein.

The six-page federal indictment laid at the feet of Maxwell include charges related to the crimes she allegedly committed with or on the behalf of Jeffrey Epstein. She behaved as sort of a “madam” for Esptein by “recruiting” under-aged girls for him to sexually abuse. Epstein also took these girls across country lines to his private island on his private plane called the “Lolita Express.” Several high-profile men are confirmed to have flown on the plane including Bill Clinton and Kevin Spacey. Clinton flew on the plane over twenty times.

Importance Of The Arrest

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Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest is significant due to the depth of her role in Epstein’s “operation” as well as her personal involement with the abuse of under-aged girls and possibly also boys. Her arrest is also significant due to Epstein’s death. If Epstein were to have faced trial for his crimes, then there is a high chance he would have cooperated with authorities.

The bigger story here, aside from Maxwell herself, is the international sex-trafficking ring that could be uncovered. Maxwell has all of the incentive in the world to “snitch” on those who she may have arranged under-aged girls and boys for. The names could range from regular, unimportant people all the way up to powerful heads of state. Prince Andrew of British Royalty is the obvious first ball that could drop. If that happens, a giant can of worms and Pandora’s Box itself would spring open.


Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein associate, arrested


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  1. Dear Sir,

    My wife and I don’t agree on a lot of issues, but we agree with you on every issue you bring to the public. Great news and a well job done, thank you. We support you through, PayPal.

    I have never paid for TV, but we will try our best to support ABL. We are both in town today with our red ABL tee-shirts on. Man you make us proud to be Americans. Your news in base on the facts, and is entertainment at it’s highest level.


    Timothy McCauley and Madalene McCauley

  2. Dear Mr. Logan,

    Dear Mrs. or Miss Peterson ,

    My name is Meesun Song and I was wondering if you could expose a royal (Prince Andrew isn’t the only european royal connected to Epstein ) who also has connections to him; That is Sofia Hellqvist, Princess of Sweden. A former porn star and rumored escort who is married into the royal family of Sweden has ties to Epstein. Her mentor is Swedish billionaire Barbro Ehnbom (rumored to be her pimp) who is close friends to Epstein. This information has been heavily censored in Sweden but as well as the world and whenever people try to expose her past, the links to her former blogs and anything shady connected to her ends up disappearing. It is believed that she herself sexually exploits children. Her organization called Project Playground has had suspicious pictures of her having young girls in Africa parading semi nude and dancing in front of boys. Those pictures have been quickly erased. Here are the links of the info of her connected to Epstein.

    This is the link to the full details of the article here below.

    If you want more information, please go on and sign up to speak to the Swedish users (they of course speak English) they know more about Sofia’s shady deeds.

    Yours truly,

    Meesun Song

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