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CHAZ / CHOP Seattle ENDED After Protesters Visit Mayor’s House!

The six-block area in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle known as CHAZ or CHOP has ended via direct order of the Mayor, Jenny Durkan. This particular area had been occupied by ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, and other general vagrants. It was a hotbed of crime and violence with the premise of being an “occupied protest” in the name of police reform and other random demands.

A Plan Well-Executed

Seattle and Bellevue police entered the zone at around 4:48 am Tuesday morning July 1st, 2020. They plowed through the zone on foot and with armored vehicles and met little to no resistance. At least 23 people were arrested and several weapons were recovered. The area is now off-limits to the public.

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Finally, The Cries Of The Public Are Heard

Citizens who live and/or work in Capitol Hill complained to the Mayor and the police in Seattle for the entire three weeks of CHAZ/CHOP existing with little to no positive reaction. The police precinct in the “autonomous” zone was abandoned, which made the crime situation unbearable. Nearly every type of violent crime, including murder, happened in or near the zone. Even the police chief got on camera and complained about the situation.

Selfish Leadership

On Sunday evening, so-called “protesters” decided to march to Mayor Jenny Durkan’s home to express the same types of grievances that were expressed in CHAZ/CHOP. Obviously, this was a very dangerous situation. If they committed all types of crimes and turned Capitol Hill upside down in two weeks, what would they do to the Mayor’s home?

About twenty-four hours later, Mayor Durkan had an order written to give the police the green light to smash CHAZ/CHOP. Tuesday morning, it was done. Looks like all of the rapes, robberies, murders, shootings, extortion, looting, and general disgusting conditions of the zone over a three-week period were not enough.

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The messaging is clear here. Harm civilians in the city, nothing is done if the mayor doesn’t take it seriously. Harm the mayor, or even threaten to harm her, then it becomes an issue that the mayor takes seriously. Then, and only then, does the now-infamous “Summer of Love” come to an end.


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