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Jemele Hill Asks Jake Paul A Silly Question About His Boxing Match

Former ESPN anchors Jemele Hill and Cari Champion asked Jake Paul if knocking Nate Robinson out was racist. The question came as sort of a joke at first from Jemele Hill and Paul kind of played along. Cari Champion decided to ask the same question just a few seconds after it had already been asked and answered. Jake Paul responded by saying that he already said no and that the question is a “sh**y” question. Champion appeared to take on a more serious tone than her co-host who was halfway giggling as she was from the start.

Jake Paul is a well-known YouTuber who fought former NBA basketball player Nate Robinson during the undercard of the Mike Tyson / Roy Jones, Jr. fight. The clip in question has nearly gone viral on social media platforms, especially Twitter. Back on December 3rd when the clip was first released, Jemele Hill tweeted that they trolled Jake Paul during that segment. That could be true or it could be false. But once a person takes a slight peek into Jemele Hill’s background, the likelihood of the Jake Paul “racist” question being no more than trolling becomes less likely.

Jemele Hill is famous for being a racist on-air personality off-air. Meaning, her comments on-air won’t necessarily reflect what she does and says off-air, especially on Twitter. A prime example is when Jemele Hill was reprimanded by ESPN for calling Trump a “white supremacist” on Twitter. She would never say such a thing on air, though. Just like she would never say that the US is the equivalent or worse than Nazi Germany on air but she did say it off air/online.

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Cari Champion has never really come off as a race-soldier in the same way Jemele Hill does on Twitter, but she will say little things here and there that let you know she agrees with Jemele. Aside from the fact that they are the best of friends who now have a show together on Vice. It is of no surprise that their VICE show is spitefully called “Stick To Sports” which is what Jemele Hill would constantly get told when she would venture off into social justice warrior land while at ESPN. These two women have an ax to grind and they are not averse to playing political games like throwing stones and hiding their hands. Jake Paul is just a vessel for them to do just that and claim victim when called out on it.


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