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Michigan State Rep THREATENS Trump Supporters On Facebook!

Michigan State House Rep Cynthia Johnson hopped on Facebook Live to threaten Trump supporters in what she labels a “warning.” This all stems from her appearance during a hearing in Michigan regarding the National Election results. Johnson did not add much to the hearing, aside from asking a witness to say and spell her full maiden name for the record. After the hearing, Johnson alleges she was flooded with racist and violent phone calls. Some of the audio was played on CNN.

Johnson’s Facebook Live rant lasted for about three minutes. Towards the beginning of the clip, she drinks some sort of red beverage from a wine glass. If that beverage was alcoholic, then it fits in with the threatening of Trump supporters. None of the above makes sense to do on camera, especially not issuing threats. Donald Trump was eviscerated for telling the Proud Boys to “stand down and stand by” when prompted by both Joe Biden and Chris Wallace to disavow them during a Presidential debate.

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If Cynthia “CA” Johnson was threatened by “Trumpers” as she calls them, why issue threats on Facebook Live instead of simply relying on police and other authorities to do their job? Johnson also called on “soldiers” to “do it right.” It’s not quite clear what Johnson means by the “soldiers” remark, but what is clear is that her threats are very real and very dangerous. The topic of race is a hot button issue for many in the United States. Although a very small number of people in the country are extremists, all it takes is one.

Johnson has since been stripped of her committees in the local Michigan Government. As far as any potential criminal charges, that’s another story that may or may not materialize. If the proverbial shoe was on the foot, meaning Johnson was a conservative Republican and not a Democrat, then there would surely be a different story to be told as far as the outcome of this case.


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