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Jen Psaki Blames Putin For High Gas Prices, Ignores Other Factors

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki blames Russian President Vladimir Putin for the rising price of gas at the pump. This is an interesting take considering how Psaki and her ilk would say that Presidents (meaning, Joe Biden) do not actually control the price of gas. They say that gas prices are determined on a global level and that one person cannot control it. That line of reasoning has gone out of the window ever since the Ukraine conflict ramped into overdrive. While the Secretary is partially correct, her statements push all of the blame on Putin and that is not correct.

The price of gas boils down to production or lack thereof. If, for instance, the United States refused to produce enough oil/gas to keep up with demand (Keystone XL) then that would cause prices at the pump to rise. This is the simple law of supply and demand. A lack of supply combined with high demand equals higher prices. The United States recently placed an embargo on Russian oil/gas imports. Psaki herself said that the Russian supply accounted for 10% of the US total. Combine a lack of imports with a lack of proper production, this will further decrease supply. These are not theories. These are observable facts.

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