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Florida Democrats Protest “Don’t Say Gay” Bill And Ron DeSantis

Florida Democrats released a cringe-worthy video in protest of the “Don’t Say Gay” bill signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis. The bill doesn’t actually have the language that its left-given nickname suggests. It is actually legislation that prevents the corruption of very small children in K-12 education. Specifically, children in grades K-3 are barred from receiving classroom instruction about gender identity and sexual orientation. In grades 4 and up, there must be a valid reason for such classroom instruction to take place. It also has to be appropriate to the development of the children in the classroom. Critics have panned the law as anti-LGBT while supporters of DeSantis say it simply makes common sense.


Florida approves controversial ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law in win for DeSantis – POLITICO

Gov. DeSantis spokesperson says ‘Don’t Say Gay’ opponents are ‘groomers’ | TheHill

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  1. Welcome to America!.. land of the environmentally condition pathetic retard. What with mass shootings almost weekly, delusional anti-white CRT racism, gay/trans indoctrination etc, I mean, who sends their kid to public school anymore anyway?! No wonder we’re the laughing stock embarrassment of the world today.


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