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Jen Psaki Speaks Against Russian Oil Dependency In Favor Of Renewable Energy

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the United States should stop relying on foreign oil. She said this during an ABC interview in response to a question about Russia. So many nations are dependent upon Russia for their energy needs that it becomes difficult to impose sanctions on the Federation. If a nation sanctions Russia, then they wind up damaging themselves as a result. For example, taking Russia out of the SWIFT banking transaction system to prevent them from exporting oil would simply raise the cost of other nations’ oil and gas. Jen Psaki did not elaborate on her statement as written in this article, but she did mention reliance on foreign oil being a bad thing.

Jen Psaki did, however, elaborate on her statement about foreign oil in a different way. Her statement continued by mentioning the need for everyone to stop relying on oil in general. That we should invest more into renewable energy instead of fossil fuels. This, of course, is a very tired statement. The technology simply does not exist to utilize so-called “green” energy in a productive and inexpensive way. The ice storm in Texas just last year proved to everyone how unreliable things like wind turbines are. The turbines weren’t a large portion of the grid in Texas, but when they froze up due to inclement weather, the grid was hampered and damaged nearly beyond repair.

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Green energy is nothing more than a fantasy passed off as reality so certain people can enrich themselves. This scheme inserts itself into legislation which has the end result of simply offshoring pollution and energy production. Rather than approving the Keystone XL pipeline, the Biden administration simply imports gas from Russia. Instead of producing more things in the United States, those jobs are offshored to China so that the factory pollution happens over there. Meanwhile, all of the pollution from carbon emission goes up in the sky into the same atmosphere that we all share. But that’s fine as long as the average person in the United States can’t see the pollution emanating from their own backyards.


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