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Jimmy Fallon Debuts Cringe-Worthy COVID-19 Variant Jingle

Jimmy Fallon debuted a brand new (and very cringe) jingle for the COVID-19 variant that is currently floating around China. The Tonight Show featuring Jimmy Fallon released a one-minute video of the jingle on Twitter and it has essentially gone viral. This was probably the intended goal even though many critics are panning the video as “cringeworthy” and maybe even “insensitive” to the ongoing pandemic.

The jingle’s goofy nature might just be a smokescreen, however. The new COVID variant isn’t widely known to the general public. It is possible that US Government officials contacted major networks, such as Fallon’s NBC, in an effort to get them to spread the word about the new variant. This action, of course, will spread some sort of fear into American citizens. This fear may prompt them to wear more masks and get more vaccinations. These actions result in more money and more control for certain megacorporations and powerful politicians.

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