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Joe Biden Finally Acknowledges His 7th Grandchild, Fathered By Hunter

Joe Biden has finally publicly acknowledged his 7th grandchild, his granddaughter, after four years of denying her. Hunter Biden had an encounter with a woman from Arkansas named Lunden. Their now four-year-old daughter is named Navy. The child was apparently conceived during the peak of Hunter’s crack addiction back in 2018. A paternity suit was filed by the woman in May 2019. It took a team of lawyers and public relations people to get the story to the forefront of the media.

Even after Hunter’s 4-year-old daughter became an undeniable fact, Joe Biden refused to publicly acknowledge her. He would routinely say that he has “six” grandchildren, which obviously omits Navy because she is number seven. It is not quite clear what caused Joe Biden’s change of heart. When reporters asked him about Navy in the past, he would get angry and lash out at the person asking the question. Now, he has totally shifted his tune.

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Mainstream media are trying to blame conservative Republicans for turning the grandchild into some sort of political football. In reality, if this exact situation was impacting Donald Trump and his family, the very same media who are critical of conservative Republicans would do the exact same thing that they criticize them for doing.


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