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NYC Streets Overtaken By Asylum Seekers

New York City streets have been overtaken by so-called “asylum seekers” who resorted to camping out on sidewalks. This latest development in NYC’s migrant crisis comes as a result of a severe strain on the city’s capacity. A city spokesperson says that they run out of space to house these migrants every single day.

The iconic Roosevelt Hotel, which closed in 2020, reopened recently to serve as a migrant shelter. That facility has been used and abused to the point where it cannot house more migrants than what it currently houses. It is beyond capacity and possibly beyond repair. As a result, migrants were forced to camp outside the building in extreme heat. NYC buses were offered to these people during the day as a cooling shelter, but the problem remains the problem. Around $4 billion has been spent on the nearly 100,000 migrants that have flooded into the city since the spring.

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NYC Mayor Eric Adams is requesting more funding from the Federal Government to continue dealing with the problem. It is ironic that Adams would ask for money or even attempt to blame Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis for sending migrants to the city. It is Adams himself who declared that New York City would remain a sanctuary city under his leadership. Those words are clearly coming back around to bite him.


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