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Joe Biden Gives One Of The Most Divisive Speeches In Recent History

Joe Biden embraced the “Dark Brandon” energy during his extremely divisive “Soul of the Nation” speech in Philadelphia. The purpose of the speech is somewhat unclear. During his 2020 Presidential campaign, Biden branded himself as a “unifier”. He said he would bring the country together and not tear it apart like his predecessor. The problem is that throughout his entire time as President, Biden has done the exact opposite.

Throughout the speech, Biden took shots at “MAGA Republicans” and Donald Trump. The message was crystal clear. As long as people agree with most of the Democratic Party’s agenda, then they are OK in his book. If anyone deviates too far away from Biden’s agenda, then they are the enemy of the people. Biden spoke about MAGA Republicans and Trump living in the past, but the reality is that Trump has been out of office for two years now.

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January 6th and the election are issues that are as old as time. More pressing issues like the crippling nation our nation is facing are much more important. The Biden administration most certainly understands the immediate challenges our country is facing. They also understand that not much has been done in Washington to improve the lives of average, everyday American people. So all they can do is identify a domestic enemy and attack them as a way to shift the blame for anything negative onto them.


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