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Joe Biden’s ABC News Interview With George Stephanopoulos Was A Disaster

Joe Biden interviewed with George Stephanopoulos on ABC News just a few days after the disastrous debate with Donald Trump on CNN. This interview was slated to make or break the President’s campaign. It was pre-recorded for reasons not officially disclosed, although the reasons should be obvious. Joe Biden has clear issues with cognitive decline that were very present during the debate and also during the ABC interview. He often looked confused and had trouble remembering details he was obviously coached to remember.

Biden’s White House Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, initially tried to say that Biden has not had a doctor’s evaluation since his scheduled time in February. Biden contradicted her by having a phone call with Governors, during which he revealed that he had been evaluated shortly after the debate. The excuse for his poor performance on CNN alongside President Trump was “exhaustion” and a “cold.” Biden was not coughing or sneezing at any point of the 90-minute debate.

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After returning from his European trip, he rested at Camp David for a week before the presidential debate. Biden is simply a very old person showing signs of old age who should not be President, no matter how much Democrats gaslight us into thinking that such a thing is a good idea.


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