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South Chicago Suburbs Homeowner Hit With Outrageous Tax Hike

A man in the South Chicago Suburbs was hit with an astronomical property tax bill increase of over $30,000. The man, a currently disabled diesel mechanic, paid $115,000 in cash for his home. It is now worth $180,000. The tax bill he received valued his home at over one million dollars. Local Chicago news interviewed the man in front of his three-bedroom, one-bathroom, 980-square-foot home. The home has no basement, and it is only on one level. The neighborhood surrounding his home has homes that look the same.

Local officials gave the homeowner the runaround when he raised concerns about the tax increase. They essentially shooed him away, saying that everyone’s tax bill increased. His last resort was to contact the news. When local media got involved, a notice acknowledged an error in evaluating 4,400 south suburban Chicago homes. Officials have informed homeowners that their current inflated bills are invalid and to be on the lookout for new ones soon.

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