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Joe Biden’s Primetime Speech Was Full Of Doom and Gloom

Joe Biden delivered a speech that lasted about 24 minutes on primetime television on Thursday, March 11th, 2021. The President spoke about a few topics without much variety. Everything Biden spoke on somehow revolved around the virus and the vaccine. People on social media reacted with a collective outrage of sorts when Biden spoke about Independence Day being a potential benchmark where people “may” be able to have get-togethers with small crowds.

Large amounts of Americans have already resumed normal life. Lockdowns are extremely unpopular and, according to the World Health Organization, lockdowns are ineffective at combating the virus. It appears as if lockdowns do much more harm than good once the entire health of a nation is examined and not just those who catch the virus. America is supposed to be a free country. So for a sitting President to try and regulate Independence Day of all days just seems completely out of touch and, quite frankly, ridiculous.

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Biden did not give the Trump administration credit for the development and/or rollout of the vaccine. Although Biden did not mention Trump by name, the President did speak about previous times of uncertainty and inaction as it relates to the virus. This is a strange take from Biden because his own Senior Virus Advisor, Andy Slavitt, appeared on television and gave the Trump administration credit for Operation Warp Speed. Then there is the issue of Anthony Fauci. Fauci was the top guy for the virus under Trump and he is still on the Biden Administration. If Trump’s vaccine response was a failure, doesn’t that also include Fauci? If so, then why is he still on The Hill?

When leaders of nations address their people, the tone should be one of positivity and of a brighter future. Biden played to feelings of sadness and grief. However, it is understandable that Biden would take this route. After all, he is obviously not in the best physical or mental condition. It simply may not be possible for him to perform much better than what he’s been doing in the first few weeks of his presidency. Then, of course, Biden is placed out there to be the anti-Trump. Many Americans voted for Biden simply because of that reason as well. To be the opposite of the monster that they thought Trump was. It’s safe to say that after seeing Biden perform out there in reality aside from being just an idea, people are beginning to have buyer’s remorse if they selected Biden for president.


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