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Stacey Dash Apologizes For Being The “Angry Black Woman” On Fox News

Actress Stacey Dash, best known for her work on “Clueless”, is apologizing for being the “angry black woman” during her time at Fox News. From 2014 to 2016, Dash was an on-air commentator for the conservative network. She made quite a few “controversial” statements, including saying that there should be no Black History Month. And in reality, just her existence as a black conservative on Fox News was controversial enough aside from her “shocking” statements. Dash recently appeared in a Daily Mail interview, tearfully denouncing politics and her time over at Fox.

During the interview, Stacey Dash said that she spent most of her life angry, and that during her tenure at Fox she continued the anger. In 2016, Dash says she realizes the anger was “unsustainable” and she is now denouncing politics altogether. Another opinion here is, as an actress, Stacey Dash was attempting to be the angry black woman for Fox News because she thought the “role” called for that. But the truth is that if she had been her natural, conservative self, then she would have had a longer tenure at Fox. She would not be as conflicted with her prior behavior as she is right now.

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Stacey Dash spoke at the 2018 TPUSA Black Leadership Summit in Washington D.C. Her message was completely conservative but the tone and delivery of it was much different than the sound-byte ready personality she presented on Fox News. Everyone in the audience was at full attention hanging on every word, especially when she spoke about her now 20-something-year-old son that she nearly aborted. She was actually on the abortion table and heard a voice that made her have a change of heart. Those are the types of stories and the type of behavior that breeds success — when it comes from the heart. Portraying what a political outsider thinks a person acts like on Fox News while on television simply does not work and it obviously did not work for Stacey, professionally or personally.

The former “Clueless” actress is continuing her career, her most recent appearance being in an anti-abortion movie. Dash says she would like to work more but has been blacklisted from Hollywood. Some liberal online pundits are having a Twitter party with all types of snarky anti-black-conservative comments toward Stacey Dash thinking that her newest revelation is an attempt to get back in the good graces of “black America” or “black Hollywood”. This doesn’t even make sense once one zooms out and looks at the state of black former Hollywood stars afflicted by a lot of early death, homelessness, drug addiction, and more. There isn’t some gigantic pot of gold necessarily waiting on Stacey Dash if black people “take her back” after her stint on Fox News.

If Stacey Dash learns nothing else from this situation, it is probably that honesty is the best policy. The apology part of her talk may come off as capitulation, but it sounds like a personal thing. She was probably not being honest with the world, or herself, and a redemption arc to this story would include achieving peace with herself, not necessarily the outside world.

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