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John Fetterman Spent Two Days In DC Hospital After Feeling Light Headed

Newly-elected Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman was rushed to a Washington DC hospital without much of a peep from mainstream media. He reported feeling light-headed to his team, who had him sent to the hospital afterward. Fetterman spent two days in the hospital as medical staff ran several tests on him to ensure he was not experiencing another stroke. Fetterman, obviously, is a stroke survivor. He suffered that medical episode last year while on the campaign trail. It caused him to remain in the hospital for nine days. Fetterman actually won his Democratic Party primary during that time.

Medical experts say there is no evidence that Fetterman suffered another stroke. However, sources from inside his team say that he may be permanently brain-damaged as a result of campaigning. He was only able to rest for three months after being released from the hospital in 2022 before he returned to the campaign trail. Evidence of his brain injury was painfully obvious to anyone paying attention. Fetterman was (and is) unable to decipher voices speaking to him clearly. The problem is so bad that he required real-time closed-captioning during his one and only debate against Dr. Mehmet Oz in order to respond to questions.

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