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Idris Elba Faces Heavy Criticism After Rejecting “Black Actor” Label

Idris Elba is facing heavy criticism online after rejecting the “black actor” label in a recent Esquire UK interview. Elba said that he did not become an actor for the sake of representation. His primary objective was to engage in something that looked like a great profession that he could be good at. He does not want to be seen as the first “black” to do something, rather he wants to be seen as the first Idris. Idris also believes the term “black actor” is restrictive, career-wise.

His comments, of course, created quite a controversy from people all across the board, celebrities and non-celebrities alike. The main pushback against Elba was that somehow he was rejecting his “blackness” by refusing to be called a black actor. Elba responded on Twitter by issuing a clear separation between who he is as a black man and what his actual job title is.

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