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Jussie Smollett Found Guilty Of Faking Hate Hoax In 2019

Hollywood actor and former “Empire” star Jussie Smollett has been found guilty on five of six charges related to his hate crime hoax attempt from January 2019. The charges are all felony disorderly conduct due to lying to an officer about the series of events that took place on the fateful “polar vortex” night in Chicago. Smollett initially alleged that two white male Trump supporters with red “MAGA” hats on assaulted him late at night as he returned from a Subway sandwich shop. He alleged the attack happened about 2 a.m. in the morning. Not only was that allegation false, but it was also dangerously false and proven to be so.

Jussie was not attacked by anyone on the night in question. In fact, Jussie was the mastermind behind a hate crime hoax and recruited two other men to participate. Although Jussie blamed two white guys for attacking him, he actually hired two black Chicagoans of African descent. This is according to the brother’s own sworn statements and in-court testimony. Jussie claims to have had an intimate relationship with one of the brothers named Abimbola or “Abel” Osundairo. He has also worked professionally with the two men, who are brothers. Jussie denies that the hate crime was a hoax and maintains his status as a victim, despite the guilty verdict.

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This hoax happened during a time of civil unrest in the United States. Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA were roaming around in certain major American cities and destroying everything in their path with impunity. Their destruction was given passes by liberal politicians and mainstream media because their “cause” of “social justice” was warranted. Any incident that happened to a black man at the hands of a police officer or white man was met with immediate looting and rioting. This case nearly became the next catalyst for destruction. Fortunately, people doubted Jussie Smollet’s story from the beginning. There were too many red flags and obvious falsehoods to ignore.

Legal experts say that Smollett will probably not get prison time although felony disorderly conduct carries a maximum of a three-year prison sentence. He will most likely get probation and community service. A crime of this severity deserves a much longer prison sentence. Not just because of the actual crime of lying to the police that he was convicted of, but also the circumstances behind it. A Hollywood star on a major network like Fox and a show like Empire has tremendous influence. If enough people believed his bogus story, lives could have been taken in an attempt to get “street justice” for Jussie. Some people still believe Jussie’s story although it has been repeatedly proven false.


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