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Justin Trudeau BANS 1,500 “Assault Weapons” in Canada!

A full list of all newly banned firearms is at the end of this article

Canadian Prime minister Justin Trudeau announced a total ban on 1,500 different models and types of “assault weapons.” The Canadian Government’s decision comes after the Nova Scotia mass shooting in which a gunman killed 20 people. In an address to the nation, Trudeau stated: “These weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest period of time.” Nine of the twenty dead in Nova Scotia died from fires set by the gunman.

Canadians may still own shotguns and handguns. This is interesting because most of the gun violence in the world, and Canada as well, come from handguns. However, Trudeau says that individual municipalities will be given authority to ban handguns in the future.

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Draconian legislation like this is much easier to pass during a time of panic. In a moment of uncertainty and inconsistency, it’s easy to stoke fear. People are so afraid, if their own shadow were to flicker in candlelight, they’d jump out of their skin. So when Trudeau promises to make Canadians safer, fearful people will accept it to reduce their level of fear.

Gun laws simply make law-abiding citizens less safe. Canadian police say the Nova Scotia gunman was unlicensed. Meaning, he most likely obtained his weapon(s) illegally. If the gunman did not follow laws to obtain his weapon, how will any more gun laws work? What gun law would have prevented the Nova Scotia tragedy? Criminals break laws and law-abiding citizens follow them. Therefore, criminals become empowered under laws that disarm normal citizens.

Full List of 1,500 Firearms Banned in Canada

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