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Kanye West Has Change Of Heart Toward Jewish Community

Kanye West has apparently had a change of heart toward the Jewish community, judging by a recent post of his on Instagram. The controversial rapper and fashion mogul posted a screenshot of the 2012 movie “21 Jump Street” starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum. Underneath the Instagram picture, Kanye (now known as “Ye”) shared a few thoughts about Jonah Hill and the Jewish community. He essentially said that Hill played such a good role in the film, that he realizes he cannot hate an entire group based on the actions of some. This “epiphany” of sorts comes after a months-long media tour of Ye giving controversial statements about the Jewish community. Adidas and other big companies cut ties with Ye during all of the drama. As a result, Ye’s net worth has plummeted. So has Adidas’s… but that’s another story.


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