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Kayleigh McEnany WRECKS Mainstream Media Over Obamagate!

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany explained the details of “Obamagate” to an inquisitive reporter during a press briefing. Several other reporters have been asking the question to different people, wanting a full and detailed explanation. McEnany was able to provide the requested information, in epic fashion. She also dispelled the myth of Obamagate being nothing more than tinfoil-hat nonsense.

Barack Obama likes to tell anyone that will listen that his administration was free from scandal. Anyone with a pair of eyes and ears can instantly tell that this is false. Beyond some of the older scandals like the infamous Fast and Furious with his wingman – former AG Eric Holder, there are some newer scandals that have affected the Trump administration. Hence Obamagate.

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The first issue here is obviously the Steele Dossier. Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign team, endorsed by and operating during Obama’s administration, reached out to Fusion GPS to get opposition research on then-candidate Donald Trump. Fusion GPS contracted UK Intelligence Agent Christopher Steele to assist in the Clinton campaign’s goals.

Christopher Steele then got in contact with a group of Russians in an attempt to get dirt on Trump’s actions in Moscow. What Steele wound up with was a piece of fan fiction, accusing Trump of hiring girls to urinate on a bed that Barack and Michelle Obama would sleep in while in Moscow.

This blatantly false information Steele obtained was then used to grant a FISA warrant through the FBI. Andrew McCabe was the FBI Deputy Director under Director James Comey at the time. Both of them were later found to have bad blood with Trump. Not to mention other individuals in the FBI “intelligence” community like Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. Maybe the FISA grant would not have been granted on such obviously bogus information if not for the disdain those in power at the FBI had towards Trump.

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Masks Off

A report from the intelligence community released in 2016 spoke about “US Person” (masked name) communicating with Russians in a potentially problematic way. Michael Flynn was “unmasked” at this time via requests from the Obama administration, including current Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. Flynn was set to head to jail for “misleading” Vice President Michael Pence about his contact with the Russian Ambassador.

Media appear to label that as “perjury” but it’s not quite clear if he was charged with that particular crime or not. Unmasking Flynn is seen as a common procedure in the eyes of certain individuals in the intelligence community and US Government in general. And also by the mainstream media since the majority of them are left-leaning. But if an unmasking is done for a political reason, then that is criminal.

Media Should Take Notice

And that is the core of what Kayleigh McEnany expressed to the mainstream media during the White House Press Briefing. None of the media’s attempts to minimize unmasking or “Obamagate” in general worked. She laid out all of the facts well. Without anger or vitriol. The press should applaud her effort and take notice. If the media were as prepared and sharp as Kayleigh McEnany – then maybe they’d be more respected as a whole.

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