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Kevin Durant Says NYC Vaccine Mandate Makes No Sense, ESPN Host Mike Wilbon Responds

NBA superstar basketball player Kevin Durant says New York City’s vaccine mandate makes no sense. He also called out NYC Mayor Eric Adams by name, saying that he needs to fix the problem. He also said that maybe there is some “flexing of power” and attention-seeking happening. Durant’s statement was in response to a reporter’s question about his Brooklyn Nets teammate, Kyrie Irving. New York City rules state that Kyrie Irving cannot play (work) in the city while unvaccinated. However, players from the opposing team do not have to be vaccinated. Fans in the arena are no longer required to be vaccinated as of March 7th. Kyrie himself was able to pay for courtside seats and attend the most recent Nets game against the New York Knicks. But he was unable to actually play in the game.

ESPN host Mike Wilbon did not like Kevin Durant’s take on the Mayor and the vaccine mandate. He called Durant’s comments “impertinent” and that he should direct his comments toward Kyrie Irving who should simply get vaccinated. Several left-leaning media outlets praised Wilbon’s “rant” as something that everyone should stand up and take notice of. In reality, Wilbon simply came off as an uninformed person who has not been following news beyond the walled garden of Disney. Wilbon focused on the reported efficacy of the vaccine but not on the point Durant was making which was about the logic behind the rule. If the Barclay’s Center has a capacity of over 17,000 and there is no vaccine mandate for them, then how is one of five guys on the basketball court going to make a difference? Especially when the other five guys on the court don’t?

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The rule in question is simply about politics. New York City recently fired 1,430 city employees for not getting vaccinated by the February 11th deadline. There have been protests against the mayor over the move that many people feel is a violation of their civil right to bodily autonomy. Countless other private-sector employees and businessmen in the city have had to relocate or otherwise seek employment elsewhere because of the rule. The problem is that the indoor vaccine mandate for some businesses, including sports venues like the Barclays Center, was lifted on March 7th. So why does the mandate persist for employees? Or at least, employees who are verifiably unvaccinated? The “science” says that the vaccine does not prevent a person from catching or spreading the virus. So what is the actual purpose of any of these convoluted rules and restrictions? Sounds like politics and optics from an administration in New York City that is already making big-league mistakes.


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