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Kyle Rittenhouse Announces Initiative To Hold Mainstream Media Accountable

Kyle Rittenhouse has announced “The Media Accountability Project” in response to the current state of western mainstream media. The purpose of the project is as the name suggests – to hold mainstream media accountable. Outlets such as CNN purport themselves to be “reliable sources” but they are often anything but that. Time and time again they have proven themselves to be ideologically and/or financially driven. Reporting factual information seems secondary. This issue has gotten so bad that people may have their lives damaged beyond repair as a result.

The story of Kyle Rittenhouse is a prime example of what happens when vindictive and irresponsible mainstream media place facts to the side in favor of a juicy story. Several mainstream media outlets painted Rittenhouse as a racist, white supremacist, murderer, and whatever else they could throw at him.

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Resa Azlan of CNN tweeted that Kyle had a “punchable” face which is something that could be viewed as a threat. All of this was all before any evidence was presented to the table and it was most certainly before any conviction. Simply because Rittenhouse is a young white male who had a rifle at a Black Lives Matter-related riot in Wisconsin. Even when Rittenhouse was ultimately found not guilty on all charges, several members of the media still refer to him as a murderer.

Rittenhouse has had enough of mainstream media bullying and threatening people. The Media Accountability Project will seek to engage libelous and slanderous media types in the court of law. And it is way past time for this to become a reality.


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