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Russia Launches Full Scale Invasion Of Ukraine

The Russian Federation has launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine from four points of entry including Crimea and Belarus. This invasion comes after months, and years, of dread that this may wind up happening. Vladimir Putin wrote a long essay last year that he followed up with an equally long speech this year. In short, the Russian President says that Ukraine and Russia are one and the same. He also said that the current state of Ukraine is essentially a western puppet that shouldn’t exist in the fashion that it does.

Putin’s first step in Ukraine was to take far-eastern “contested” regions that border Russia called the “Donbas” region. Now, Russia has launched attacks over the entirety of the country including the capital city of Kyiv. This move has shocked much of the world who did not think Putin would act so aggressively in the region. European allies of Ukraine have not signaled that they will intervene at all. The United States has promised tough sanctions… but sanctions don’t mean much without boots on the ground. If any American or European boots decide to enter Ukraine to fight Russia, that will simply make things worse. The first American troop to die at the hands of a Russian will absolutely spark a global, nuclear war. That simply will not, and cannot, happen.

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Unfortunately for Ukraine, they are on their own. There may be some resistance from the Ukrainian Army and some civilians but they do not have anywhere near enough resources to fight back against Russia. The President of Ukraine has asked his European allies for more weapons to fight back, but that probably won’t happen. There is no sense in spending money to arm Ukraine since they will eventually fall to the Russian government anyway. And European countries, such as Germany, rely upon Russia for a large majority of their natural gas and energy. An already dire price situation in relation to gas in Europe would simply become exponentially worse. All to have Ukraine fall to Russia anyway.

The invasion of Ukraine has probably happened due to weakness stemming from Europe and the United States. Much of the western world is preoccupied with fake episodes of racism and woke politics. This has severely impacted military readiness. The culmination of a lack of a prepared military was exhibited during the complete disaster that was the Afghanistan withdrawal. The domino effect of that incident is unfolding now. The message that disaster sent is that America is not prepared for serious military encounters or for the nature of worldwide geopolitics.

Russia has decided to take Ukraine due to a period of western weakness. The whole world is watching all of this unfold, especially China. Taiwan has been a target of mainland China for a very long time. The CCP still officially claims Taiwan as part of China. During the Olympics, Taiwan is referred to as Chinese Taipei. Just as Hong Kong is referred to as Hong Kong, China. Now that China has observed Ukraine essentially get taken without a fight, they instantly sent nine airplanes into Taiwan’s airspace. This is probably a test to see what the response is from Taiwan and other western countries. The next step will be for China to officially remove Taiwan’s autonomy the same as Hong Kong, Tibet, Macau, and so forth.

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  1. ..meanwhile more people are murdered EVERY single day in the USA than this first week of “full scale” war. A murder every 20 mins, a violent sexual assault every 15 mins, FBI estimated 300-400 active serial killers at any given point in time, and so on, week after week, month after month, years, decades on and only getting worse with record numbers in 2021/22. 61% majority of which being committed by the 12% minority who are getting extra special “poor me, im a victim, a buffalo soldier hypocrite” treatment these days I might add. Just 1 year total of murders in the USA is more than Both Iraq and Afghanistan TOTAL deaths in BOTH wars combined!!! And yet, wheres the outrage, protests, American govt., Army, police, sanctions etc here at home??? Point fingers and blame game everyone else and spend trillions of dollars on these absurd conflicts far far away, but only a matter of millions on our own social issues to clean up the streets and put away the lunatics roaming our streets, not to mention homeless, starving and elderly in need of real immediate assistance, all here at home… how hypocritical and FN pathetic we are.


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