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Kyle Rittenhouse Grants Exclusive Interview To Tucker Carlson Of Fox News

Kyle Rittenhouse granted Tucker Carlson an exclusive interview on Fox News which aired Monday, November 22nd, 2021. The interview took up nearly the entire hour-long program slot. Tucker asked Kyle a variety of questions about his arduous ordeal. The questions started with what happened slightly before what took place in Kenosha, Wisconsin back in August of 2020. Tucker Carlson wanted Kyle Rittenhouse to illustrate his frame of mind. Rittenhouse took this opportunity to do just that and much more.

The overall purpose of this interview was established from the beginning. And that purpose is to show that this case was about self-defense and nothing more. Allegations of racism against Rittenhouse from the mainstream media and leftist political types were hogwash. Rittenhouse claims he was not in Kenosha that night for political purposes. Kenosha is his community and he simply wanted to help out as a medic. Guys from a local car lot wanted them to help protect their business so Kyle took that on as part of his mission. Kyle Rittenhouse even said that he supports the Black Lives Matter movement. He just doesn’t support the rioting and looting.

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Some conservative voices may not like Kyle Rittenhouse declaring some support for BLM, which is understandable. However, this may not necessarily be a political statement or a statement of direct support for their dangerous tactics. All constitutionalists support the right to freedom of speech and assembly. The problem comes in when people become violent and dangerous. Everyone has the right to assembly but no one has the right to burn down a church or a car lot. The political nature of the argument is not what Kyle Rittenhouse intended on happening, but it is exactly how the situation played out.

Speaking of unwanted political narratives, Kyle Rittenhouse blasted his former council John Pierce and (fundraiser?) Lin Wood. Rittenhouse sat in jail for 87 days. This was unnecessary considering the fact that Rittenhouse says Lin Wood and his team had over a million dollars raised of his two-million-dollar bail in early September. The necessary bail amount needed to free Kyle from jail would have been ten percent of the stated amount, so $200,000. Rittenhouse said Lin Wood and his team told him that it would be safer if he stayed in jail instead of at home with his family. Ultimately, Kyle Rittenhouse views Lin Wood and John Pierce as simply raising money to fund themselves and not to free him.

A similar sentiment of misconduct from Lin Wood was echoed by another young man hounded by false media allegations – Nick Sandmann. Sandmann also fired Lin Wood and made it publicly known that he had cut ties with him. Lin Wood, of course, responded and said that Rittenhouse was “influenced by the enemy”. This answer doesn’t make a lot of sense. Just like it doesn’t make sense that Rittenhouse’s former lawyer, John Pierce, stated that Rittenhouse was part of a non-descript militia. Kyle says that didn’t know what a militia was until he got out of jail, heard what Pierce had been saying in interviews, and then looked it up for himself.

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Kyle Rittenhouse is now enrolled at Arizona State University with aspirations of becoming a nurse or possibly a lawyer. Considering all the bad lawyers and prosecutors that he has encountered, a career as a lawyer makes sense. The interview portrayed Kyle Rittenhouse as a smart young man caught up in a political firestorm that doesn’t have much to do with him as a person, specifically. The right to self-defense was on trial in Kenosha. The right to bear arms was on trial. Not Kyle Rittenhouse.


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