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Larry Elder May Sue The RNC Over Potential Milwaukee Debate Snub

Larry Elder may sue the Republican National Committee (RNC) over the potential snub from the Republican Debate in Milwaukee. The debate stage currently has eight candidates all vying for the RNC nomination which many people think already belongs to Donald Trump, with Ron DeSantis coming in at a close second. Some would call the debate the “battle of the second-placers” while others say that this debate is important for the American people to get to know who they may or may not vote for in the 2024 Presidential Election.

There are apparently three qualifications that everyone on stage must meet in order to participate. First, each candidate needs 40,000 individual campaign donations. Second, the candidates must poll above 1% in three separate polls. Third, all candidates must sign a “loyalty pledge” in which they promise to support the eventual Republican nominee. Larry Elder says he met all of the criteria to be on stage.

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There is just one problem. The RNC rejected the Rasmussen poll that Elder submitted. Their reasoning is that Rasmussen is linked to the Trump campaign. Larry Elder responded by saying that the company is not linked to him, so even if they are linked to Trump, then it shouldn’t matter. Rasmussen responded by saying that they are not linked to any particular Presidential candidate. They offer their services to anyone who meets the criteria and follows the necessary instructions.


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