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Leaked Video Shows Tucker Carlson “Bashing” Fox News Offshoot “Fox Nation

Someone has apparently leaked a video of Tucker Carlson “bashing” Fox Nation, an offshoot paid service of Fox News. It is not clear who leaked the video or why, but one can only assume that it has something to do with the top anchor’s recent departure from the network. Tucker can be seen in the short clip speaking to someone on the phone about an upcoming guest. The person on the other end of the conversation can be heard asking Tucker if it’s okay if the guest dresses casually instead of suit and tie. The man is also trying to convince Tucker that placing the conversation on Fox Nation would be a good idea.

Tucker didn’t like the idea of the guest dressing casually because the conversation was important. He didn’t want it to come off as “bro talk.” The idea of placing the interview on Fox Nation was also unappealing to Tucker because of the fact that “nobody watches Fox Nation.” Tucker also said that the actual Fox Nation website “sucks” due to it not being user-friendly.

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