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California Man Becomes A Good Samaritan To Stop Alleged Shoplifters

A man became a Good Samaritan in Mira Loma, California by attempting to stop shoplifters at a TJ Maxx retail store. Bystanders recorded at least two women with handfuls of handbags attempting to run out of the store’s front door. One of the women slipped by the man, but the other woman was not quite able to do so. The man pushed and shoved the woman on the ground. His goal was obviously to stop the shoplifting. However, he was ultimately unsuccessful. Both women got away.

Many are praising the man for his valiant effort as a Good Samaritan. Others say that what he did was pointless because California does not like to prosecute people who steal up to a certain amount from retail stores. It has gotten so bad in many areas of the state that the police will refuse to show up on such calls. The good samaritan himself may even be in danger of being charged by local authorities or sued by the alleged shoplifters if they sustained injuries during his effort to prevent them from stealing.

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Video shows customer confront, knock alleged thief to the ground at Mira Loma T.J. Maxx store – ABC7 Los Angeles

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