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“Let’s Go Brandon” Prank Caller Doxxed & Threatened Online

An Oregon dad named Jared Schmeck is being threatened over his “Let’s Go Brandon” prank phone call made to President Joe Biden. The father-of-four started his call innocently enough. He simply stated what he’d like for Christmas and also what his kids wanted. The back-and-forth banter between himself, Joe, and Jill was very pleasant. It was sort of like speaking to an older couple at an event dinner. The conversation remained pleasant throughout even at the very end where Jared was able to sneak in the “Let’s Go Brandon” remark. Joe Biden did not understand what was happening and he simply repeated it back to Jared.

“Let’s Go Brandon” started back in early October of 2021. For context, dozens of live-sports games featured hundreds and thousands of people chanting “f*** Joe Biden”. Many of these chants were captured by people in the audience then spread far and wide on social media. Some of them even went viral. Let’s fast forward to the incident in question. An on-the-field reporter interviewed NASCAR driver Brandon Brown after his victory. The crowd was chanting “f*** Joe Biden” as has happened at other events. The reporter heard the chant and thought they were saying “Let’s Go Brandon”. A meme was born. So anytime someone says “LGB”, they are essentially referring to that moment.

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The left blew a collective gasket once news of the embarrassing call got out to the press. What makes the whole thing worse is that it was captured on video and it has now gone viral. Hit-pieces against the father and any conservative who uses the phrase “Let’s Go Brandon” were immediately written. One news outlet even referred to “LGB” as a “right-wing” slur. This was an obvious attempt to link the popular phrase to racism. So when news outlets attempt to describe the former Medford, Oregon police officer as a racist, they would have articles to cite. It has gotten so crazy that Schmeck has been doxxed. This refers to a process in which someone’s private information like phone number and address is leaked to the general public.

The people who are upset at Jared Schmeck seem to have very short memories. The entire four years of the President Trump administration featured some of the most vulgar chants in the history of the United States. TV anchors used profane language that was long thought to be banned from mainstream airwaves. “Comedian” Kathy Griffin held up a bloody effigy of Donald Trump’s head. Rapper YG had a Billboard-topping song called “FDT” short for “F*** Donald Trump”. The chorus was the full “FDT” phrase over and over again. He even performed it awards shows on television.

Much of the left’s vitriol toward Trump was not suitable for children to see or hear. “LGB” is clearly family-friendly and tame compared to what Trump went through. The issue here is the lack of control. The left wants to control the narrative. They want everyone to think that no problems exist with this current administration. Supply chain shortages and inflation are either myths or good things to the White House mouthpieces. The open dissent that “LGB” displays is something they refuse to tolerate because it goes against the plan.

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