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Texas School Shooter Timothy Simpkins Arrested Again

Arlington, Texas school shooter Timothy Simpkins is back in jail after violating the terms of his bond. Simpkins made national news a few weeks ago after bringing his gun to school and shooting several people. One person, who was the alleged target, fought for his life and ultimately recovered. No one was killed as a result of the shooting. Simpkins himself was apprehended without incident, booked into jail, and almost immediately released. The case shocked the nation not just because it was yet another school shooting, but because the shooter was released on bond. One would think a person accused of such a heinous crime would be remanded to custody. And with his most recent arrest, the initial thought from most people is obviously the correct one.

Timothy Simpkins was ordered to abstain from drugs and alcohol as part of the terms of his release on bond. Since Simpkins is 18 years old, drinking alcohol and using drugs are totally illegal anyway. According to online public records, Simpkins produced a positive urine test. This means he violated the “no drugs” condition of his release. It is not clear what drug he consumed. But what is clear is that Simpkins is back in Tarrant County jail as of the writing of this article. He probably won’t return home for many years as he will most certainly be convicted of the Arlington school shooting.

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This update just goes to show that it does not pay to go easy on young and/or first-time criminals in cases like this. It’s one thing to give a break to a person for something simple like a traffic violation. There is no sense in throwing someone in jail over an unpaid $90 speeding ticket. However, when it comes to shooting and nearly killing four people inside of a school… there must be much more severe consequences. The consequences cannot be based on how young an adult is nor how clean their record is. Until consequences truly match up to crimes, then there will be repeat offenders destroying communities from coast to coast.


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