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Local Fox Reporter Suspended After Whistleblowing Live On-Air

A Fox affiliate reporter from Houston, Texas named Ivory Hecker announced that she will be whistleblowing on her employer while live on-air. Hecker briefly spoke about FoxCorp “muzzling” her and preventing the audience from knowing the truth about important stories affecting the world. The initial video of her statement was filmed while she reported on air conditioning in Texas. It has now gone viral all over the internet. That viral moment, however, is not the end of the story.

During the now-infamous viral whistleblowing video, Ivory Hecker also announced that Project Veritas would help her get the information out. Project Veritas, headed up by James O’Keefe, has done some of the best investigative journalism work the United States has seen in a very long time. They are well-known for exposing Planned Parenthood for selling the remains of aborted “fetuses” (also known as… babies). Their work continues here in assisting Ivory Hecker with getting the story out about the outright censorship happening in a local new room that is surely happening in other newsrooms.

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Hecker became disillusioned with the new media industry about a year ago when the story of Dr. Stella Immaneul and hydroxychloroquine went viral. She wrote a report on it that was published to the station which included a study from the NIH (Anthony Fauci heads up the NIH) which said that HCQ was neither helpful nor harmful. The station gave her kudos for that report. But then she reported something on the side about the immediate censorship HCQ got. She also asked a local doctor if he was using HCQ to treat patients and he said yes, with success. Her superior then lashed out and told her that she “failed as a reporter”.

What Ivory Hecker discovered was that the news media industry was less concerned with getting the facts out and more concerned with pleasing executives and advertising agencies for job security and money. Hecker’s superior also told her that stories about Bitcoin at 5pm weren’t good because research shows that poor blacks watch the news at that time slot. Since poor blacks don’t have money, then Bitcoin would not interest them. Although Bitcoin has been a huge money maker for some… that’s not important to the station’s superiors. It’s all about metrics and money, not about news.


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  1. She’s brave to buck the system…a corrupt and disingenuous system. However, anybody that isn’t Rip van Winkle already knows that the big corporate media is a sham, and that they regularly make up stuff to report as “news”. On the other hand, it is good to point out individual ineptitude and corruption on the part of these woke media people, often and repeatedly.

  2. “So these recordings were not exactly secret, I told my bosses I was recording them. I attached audio files and email of their own voices. That’s how it began with the advice of my attorney. To do so, to protect me from the company.” – Ivory Hecker

  3. Thank you Ivory Hecker. You’re a brave woman.
    My hopes and dreams are that many more reporters will join you. Without the truth, Americans are blindly believing only what’s being said.
    I stand with you.
    Much respect,

  4. You see that’s the whole problem really. I mean yeah you would think anyone who “isn’t Rip Van Winkle” (as you put it) would know that it’s all gone to pot! However that’s sadly just not the reality of our current situation. What I’m saying is for a lot of folks it is blatantly obvious that it’s all about opinions, commentary, ad money and especially with the political views of the whoever happens to be the CEO &/or Owners the media and social media companies in question! And yet there seems to be an even larger number possibly even a growing number of people who’ve either decided to wear bliders, keep their head in the sand or however you want to say about those who spend their lives just trying to ignore the facts. But I personally think that a lot of them are in disbelief that especially the mainstream media but social media as well could be allowed to just reports half truths and even straight lies, or that they could and let alone would sway public opinion and interfere in American elections by pushing or even openly supporting a candidate and just get away with it. And if you had asked me 15 or so years ago I would have told you that there was no way that would happen especiall in America because like many I remember learning about something called journalistic integrity! And a time when it was considered extremely disgracful for a reporter to lie about something they reported or report without solid, legitimate and provable souces! A time when that integrity was so fundamentally important that reporters would protect it and their sources at nearly any cost & would be willing and would rather lose everything, and even go to jail before they would ever think about compromising their journalistic integrity. A time when being a reporter actually meant something. And it was considered an upmost privilege to be trusted and respected enough that people wouldn’t doubt whatever was being reported. And would even have a hard time believing that a reporters word as anything but the true, honest, factual! And it was not just taboo but virtually unheard of to even consider abandoning ones journalistic integrity for any reason good or bad, no matter what the reason or the circumstances, and to do so would definitely not only destroyed their career but see then completely ostracized and persecuted by their peers and even black listed from ever working as a journalist again. Because they had broken an that trust that was strong enough to specifically name in the an amendment to our constitution because our for father’s knew just how dangerous it could be if a special interests controlled the flow of information to the people.

  5. It does seem that way, that some people are just blissfully ignorant and want to keep it that way. As far as journalistic integrity, I think it might have been a thing when Ben Franklin was operating his printing press, but it was more short-lived than we all realize. I’ve seen quotes from many historical figures, from all eras where “news” was a thing, that allude to journalistic malfeasance & malpractice. On the other hand, nobody wants to be criticized in the press. Looking back over my own span of years, I can’t help but come to the conclusion that we were maybe a little naïve ourselves, regarding how some people were maligned and others propped up, and the sensationalist nature of selling newspapers. I’m not going to disparage the founders because they were all very much wiser and smarter than me, but their idea of a free press is not what the industry evolved into.


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