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Man Pulls Off Brazen Theft In San Francisco Walgreens While Security Guard Watches On

A man pulled off a brazen theft in a San Francisco Walgreens while the store’s security guard simply looked on and recorded with his phone alongside a patron. The theft happened in broad daylight with minimal to no resistance. Apparently, the man had a black garbage bag full of hair care products. These products are valuable, therefore they have a high resale value, which is probably why the man stole them in the first place. But an obvious question must be asked here. Why didn’t the security guard put forth an actual effort to stop the man from stealing? There is an explanation.

Prop 47 passed five years ago in San Francisco. It has been widely panned by critics as a thing that will enable criminals at the expense of small businesses. The law states that any theft of products valued under $950 dollars won’t be prosecuted as a felony and will only be a misdemeanor. What this ultimately means is that the crimes won’t be prosecuted at all and the violator will be given a meaningless citation. No jail time, no prison time, no nothing. So there is no purpose in stopping a thief in San Francisco since there will be no consequences.

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There is so much anti-police and anti-authority narrative happening in “woke” places like San Francisco that the security guard who was filming the incident with his phone couldn’t really do much more than that. If he was to stop the criminal from stealing from the store, then he may get brought up on charges and the criminal would be set free. At least 17 Walgreens locations have closed in San Francisco due to this dynamic. Add the lack of prosecuting crimes on top of violent and dangerous nature of the drug addicted homeless who are allowed to do whatever they please in the streets. What you are left with is a giant woke liberal mess that the big-money tech workers tend to look at as “progressive compassion”.


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Brent Baker on Twitter: “CBS’s @TonyDokoupil excuses massive shoplifting from Walgreens in San Francisco: “That reads also as an act of desperation. You’re not getting rich off what you take from a Walgreens. You’re getting probably something you need.” @CBSThisMorning” / Twitter

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