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Mainstream Media And Politicians Are Promoting A COVID 19 Resurgence For Cold Weather Months

Politicians and mainstream media personalities have been promoting the resurgence of COVID-19, just in time for the cold weather season. Television talking heads speak in a way that they most likely know is inaccurate about the issue. However, these people also know that speaking this way will attract the audience they desire. These people will also easily be manipulated.

A prime example of inaccurate speech used intentionally is the now-commonly used trope of the virus “coming back.” Viruses do not go away. They are simply more prevalent during certain times of the year. They also mutate due to a variety of factors. But they do not actually “go away”. Even with the presence of vaccines, this is not a possible thing to happen. Yet, media personalities and politicians continue to say it.

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There is a brand new vaccination “booster” on the horizon. Therefore, a great marketing campaign would be great to promote it. What better way than to have Whoopi Goldberg from “The View” catch the bug and then self-isolate from the show. Whoopi video-called him from her house while wearing a mask. The mask is totally unnecessary even by the admission of The View, who are proponents of masks. They say these items should be worn while in crowded areas. Whoopi was home alone. But the message here is very simple… wear your mask or else. Also, don’t forget your shots.

The news media have no problem stating that to the American people in a direct fashion. Politicians, who are often purchased by mainstream media, have no problem regurgitating the message about masks and vaccinations.


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