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Family YouTuber Ruby Franke Arrested On Horrific Charges

Family vlogger, formerly of the “8 Passengers” YouTube channel, has been arrested on six felony counts of child abuse. She had been on the radar of police for over a year as they made 15 visits to her home in Springville, Utah which is south of Provo. Four children who live with Franke were taken by CPS. The two other children are adults and do not live in the home. One of her adult children posted on social media the caption “finally” on top of police activity outside of her mother’s home. That same person said they repeatedly contacted police and CPS, all to no avail. Franke’s sisters spoke out and said that police intervention needed to happen.

Police discovered the house of horrors when Franke’s 12-year-old son climbed through a window and ventured to a neighbor’s house. The boy asked the neighbor for food and water. He appeared obviously malnourished and there was duct tape on his wrists and ankles. There were also “deep lacerations” on his body from being tied up with a rope. The neighbors, of course, immediately called the police. The police arrived to find Franke’s 10-year-old daughter inside the home in a similar state as her brother. Both children were taken to the hospital.

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The home actually belonged to Rubi Franke’s business partner, a woman named Jodi Hildebrant. Hildebrandt is a life coach and therapist who owns the counseling service “ConneXions.” This group purports itself as a support group for mothers. Hildebrant and Franke were arrested when police arrived at a home that was beautiful on the outside but clearly horrific on the inside. At its peak, “8 Passengers” boasted 2.3 million subscribers who were all interested in the everyday life of Ruby Franke, her husband, and her children.


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