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Make-A-Wish Foundation Backtracks On Vaccination Requirement… Sort Of

Make-A-Wish Foundation of America President & CEO Richard Davis announced a vaccination requirement for participants of their programs. Make-A-Wish is a famous charity that grants “wishes” of terminally ill kids up to the age of 18. Some of these wishes include kids being able to meet their favorite sports star or taking a trip to Disneyland with their family. The vaccine is only approved for kids over the age of 12 and certain illnesses may prevent a person from receiving the vaccine regardless of age. This makes the Make-A-Wish vaccination requirement a potential stumbling block for many.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation has released another statement after Richard Davis’s on-air disaster. They “clarified” their position on vaccinated kids, stating that kids without the vaccine will still be in the running to have their wish granted. However, certain things will still be off the table for the unvaccinated. Air travel and large crowds will not be permitted unless kids (and their guests/families) have the vaccine. This includes going to places like Disneyland, especially if a flight is required. Although no actual proof of vaccination is required, parents/guardians are required to sign paperwork stating that they have gotten the shot.

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