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Transgender Woman Wins Miss Nevada, First In Pageant History

Transgender woman Kataluna Enriquez defeated 21 other women (presumably all biological women) to become Miss Nevada USA. Enriquez is the first transgender woman to represent Nevada in the Miss USA pageant and also the very first trans woman to compete for Miss USA from any state. Enriquez thanked their “community” on Instagram and gave a quick shoutout to Pride Month which is still ongoing as of the writing of this article. Many big-name voices online congratulated Enriquez. But there are many others who feel like this victory takes away from the accomplishments of biological women in a continued, multi-faceted effort.

Beauty pageants have long been viewed as a place where women could put their proverbial best foot forward. They are able to show off their beauty and brains. These women are able to balance that which makes them attractive with what makes them intelligent in a man’s world. This is an art form by itself. There are, of course, groups of people who find beauty pageants degrading. Feminist groups are notorious for this. They say it degrades women by displaying them as objects first and as humans second. Most of this negative anti-pageant talk does not truly make a difference. Beauty pageants are not going anywhere any time soon.

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One thing that could permanently ruin pageants is the inclusion of biological men who identify as transgender women. Confidence of young women who often times start at a young age in pageantry may be ruined if they cannot win a competition built for women over a biological man. Then there is the politics behind who wins and loses. Who’s to say that Kataluna Enriquez did not win because it is Pride Month and there was a need for LGBTQ inclusion? Confidence in beauty pageants may be lost overall. The industry could become a joke like how professional boxing has become for many. Corrupt and judged by people who have had their palms greased.

Beauty pageants are not the only thing that transgender people are now woven into. There are public spaces set aside for women that do not feature only biological women anymore. A woman went viral recently because of a man who allegedly identifies as transgender invading the privacy of women at a Day Spa. A furious woman recorded herself speaking to an employee at the front counter recalling her story of a man swinging his genitalia around in front of women and little girls. The response from the employee was sort of indifferent because the man identifies as transgender. What can be done?

A solution to this issue should be the advent of transgender beauty pageants. If such a thing does not already exist, it is time to create it. Biological women should be allowed to compete against and have private spaces with other biological women. This includes beauty pageants, all sports, bathrooms, spas, and any other space that women need for themselves. This is simply fair and it makes sense in a modern and truly progressive society.

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