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Matt Walsh Calls Woman’s Childless Lifestyle “Stupid” On X

Conservative commentator Matt Walsh referred to a random woman’s lifestyle as “stupid” in a nearly-viral video on social media. A 29-year-old woman with a podcast on TikTok posted a clip detailing her weekend activities. She attended a Beyonce concert and “drank and danced her little heart out.” The woman also slept in until about 10 a.m. and watched some shows on Netflix. She stated that her lifestyle is simple due to not having a husband or children to tend to. Later in the video, she was careful to not offend married people by saying that married women may do the same thing she does. Her overall point is that women in her age group should not rush to achieve a life that society says they should.

Matt Walsh and others on X, formerly known as Twitter, attacked her for her views that came off as feminist and anti-family. Some people even took it to the next level and outright harassed her on her social media pages. The reality is that the weekend she described is pretty normal and basic for an American woman of her age. And she is in a better position than single mothers and divorced women.

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The advice she gave was not the epitome of perfection nor was it delivered with all of the grace in the world, but it was important. There are far too many 29-year-old women fearing that the walls are closing in on them because they don’t have the family that they thought they would at that age. So they wind up rushing into a relationship and making bad decisions that will hurt themselves and the very same type of men who were criticizing her video.


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