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Maxine Waters and Chris Cuomo Incite Violence

Maxine Waters recently attended a “protest” of sorts in Minneapolis at the tail end of the Derrick Chauvin trial. Chauvin was one of the police officers present during George Floyd’s arrest. He was the officer who infamously had his knee on or close to George Floyd’s neck for about nine minutes. George Floyd died during the arrest and that has sparked “protests” not only nationwide, but worldwide. All eyes are on Minneapolis awaiting a verdict in the Chauvin trial. Maxine Waters did not make the already tense situation in Minneapolis any better. The situation on the ground in the city can best be described as a “tinderbox”.

A city already dealing with out-of-control protests and ridiculously left-leaning government that embrace the idea of “defunding police” don’t need rabble rousers like Maxine Waters in town. But, unfortunately, Waters did make a visit and she made quite a few controversial statements. Waters said that anything less than a murder conviction for Derrick Chauvin is unacceptable. And if Waters’ request is not fulfilled, then she encourages that protesters become more “confrontational”. This is no different than the time she encouraged protesters to “surround” and “confront” Trump supporters. Soon after Waters’ statements in Minneapolis, the National Guard suffered a drive-by shooting. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

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The defense in the Derrick Chauvin case requested a mistrial after closing arguments. Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill denied the request, but not before he said that Maxine Waters’ comments could cause the entire case to get overturned on appeal. Waters’ comments, in the opinion of many including the judge, were inflammatory and threatening. Cahill continued to say that he wishes elected officials would keep damaging comments about the trial to themselves.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo also made inflammatory comments, but instead of George Floyd specifically, he roped in other trending topics. A 13-year-old boy named Adam Toledo was shot and killed by police in Chicago after a foot chase. One still frame from what appears to be a body-worn camera appeared on social media showing Toledo with his hands up. But what the freeze frame does not show is the gun in his hand less than a second from the time his hands went up. According to multiple sources, Adam Toledo’s nicknames were “Lil Homicide” and “Bvby Diablo” (meaning Baby Devil). The police chase happened between 2 and 3:00am.

Instead of asking the obvious question, like where Adam Toledo’s parents are, or why he was running through alleyways with a gun in the middle of the night, Cuomo goes to blaming police and racism. Cuomo then issues sort of a threat of his own, saying that if white kids start to get killed then maybe there would be some police reform. This is very dangerous to say because there are a ton of lunatics brainwashed by platforms like CNN who may take that as a call to action. Cuomo’s words are also removed from the reality of what’s happening on the ground away from his suburban hideaway and CNN ivory tower. Places with more civilian-on-civilian violence will have more police interactions and therefore more police shootings. Simple math.

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