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Media Attack Marjorie Taylor Greene Over “Two Genders” Sign

A dustup on social media broke out between US House Reps Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Marie Newman (D-IL) over the Equality Act. Greene gave a 5-minute talk on the House floor opposing the Act which has provisions for LGBTQ identifying-people that she believes jeopardize the rights of everyone else. Marie Newman is a liberal with a transgender daughter so she supports the Equality Act.

To protest against her across-the-hall neighbor Marjorie Taylor Greene, Marie Newman installed a flag with transgender colors outside of her office door. In response, Marjorie Taylor Greene hung up a sign that says “There are two genders, male and female, trust the science!” This caused a firestorm on mainstream media because MTG’s sign is seen as an attack on LGBT people, especially trans people, due to Marie Newman’s flag. But the media fail to mention much about the Equality Act and how it’s the job of legislators to have opinions about pending legislation.

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There has been an effort over the past few weeks and months to undermine Marjorie Taylor Greene. She is a conservative Republican from Georgia that many see as the first in a new wave of Trump Republicans. Greene has been painted as a Q supporter, a believer in crazy conspiracy theories like “Jewish space lasers”, and a variety of other random things. Mainstream media and establishment politicians on both sides of the aisle would like nothing more than to see MTG become irrelevant before she has a chance to rise because they don’t want Trump’s influence on politics to continue.

The truth is that Marjorie Taylor Greene is just the beginning of a “new wave” of conservatism. It shouldn’t be controversial to state a biological truth of there being only two genders. It is a matter-of-fact statement and should be viewed as that, nothing more, and most certainly not as an attack on anyone. Politics and the social climate of the Washington DC elite have eroded so much that the latter part of the previous statement is true in the eyes of many politicians. This awkward dynamic has to come to an end. MTG is simply the first of many who will come about in upcoming elections to make sure that “woke” culture is not the prevailing one on Capitol Hill.


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